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Jessi Christian
Social Media Manager

Hello, I am the storyteller at Coachilla. I want to inspire you with our customer stories and offer you new inspirations. Every day gives us the chance to change our lives and embrace happiness. Let today be that day.

Niklas Kinnunen
Cofounder, CMO

Once I was stuck but then I found Coachilla. From a customer to a fan, from stuck to living fully. We are on the same journey as you. Passionately helping you to live the best life you can!

Marko Malinen
Cofounder, Lead Developer

Hello, World! I'm the tech dude of Coachilla. I believe that Coachilla is something that can help people to find that missing piece within. I’m here to build something that can help us all.

Eeppi Nieminen
Cofounder, CEO

Hey there, I'm the public face of Coachilla. My life changed for the better after a conversation with a coach, and I would love to help you get the same opportunity. I'm here whenever you need me.

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To empower humanity by unlocking the world's most valuable resource, human potential.
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