Why We Struggle With Gratitude

"There is always something to be thankful for."

Holiday season just started, and we are supposed to be grateful. To give thanks for what we have in our life.

But you might not be in the mood to be thankful at all. You might be angry at the guy who just cut you in line, about the rainy weather or the empty can of milk that your partner left in the fridge.

It is so easy to be upset. 

You can always find things to be offended by.

But how many times today did you find yourself be grateful for something?

We focus on the little burdens that life throws towards us, and we forget to be mindful of all the little blessings the universe provides us with. Our human mind is created to look out for the bad things in life, not for the pleasurable ones. It is deeply rooted in our brains.

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The truth is: gratitude is not a state. It is a habit. And like any other habit, we can learn it over time, day by day. Just like you train a muscle.

Remember: There is always something to be grateful for. But instead of seeing it as a burden that you must fulfill, try to be true to yourself and actually see what makes you thankful to have in your life.

Being grateful is not a chore that we have to fulfill. It is a way to embrace life and learn to enjoy the beauty that the world gives us. The more often I stop during my day and ask myself “What am I grateful for right now?”, the more I will realize that my life is filled with beauty and wonder. Science says that writing down five things you're grateful for once per week can boost your happiness as much as 25%.

Thankful Grateful Gratitude Happiness

Do not despair if you feel like you are not “good enough” at being grateful. It is a process, and we learn every day. Slowly with every step can you learn to be more grateful.

Just take one step today.

How about this as a first step:

Get yourself a journal and start with writing down everything you are grateful for. You will realize how many things there are that make you happy every day. Keep up this gratefulness journal every evening. So you end the day with the beauty that the world gives you.

And soon you’ll realize how you start focusing on what is good in your life instead of all the little things life throws in your way.

If you want to find out more about the science behind gratitude, check out this video:


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