What is Success? The Eudaimonia Perspective

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your life? You don't know where to go next? It seems like you did everything right, you're working hard, you're being who you are supposed to be but it's still not enough.

I know exactly what you mean by that. When I was nearing my big 3-0, I was wondering: "Is this it?" Will I be a business consultant for the rest of my life? And for WHAT exactly? To climb up the corporate ladder in exchange for exhaustion, stress and constant lack of time? At that moment, I knew I did not belong there anymore.

What was my goal? Who was I becoming?

I had to take some time to reconsider my life. What was my end goal? I decided that I needed to figure out my purpose in life, no matter what was going to happen. Along my journey, I stumbled upon the ancient Greek concept of eudaimonia, which became the cornerstone of my coaching.

So much so that I held a TEDx Talk about the role of eudaimonia in becoming successful:

In my TEDx Talk you will find out: 

  • What is eudaimonia?
  • How did I discover that my corporate job was not fulfilling?
  • How did I redefine success
  • What does a purposeful career look like
  • why you should never compromise on your values

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