What happens in a coaching relationship? - Part 1

"A great coach tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear." - Sagi Kalev

What is it like to have a coach? This is the first question many ask before they consider coaching. The same issue also crossed my mind when I was considering my first coaching relationship. I am very happy I tried it out even though I didn’t have the answer yet.

To answer all the questions you might have, I decided to break down my first coaching experience into a series of blog posts.

So, what happens first?

Meet your coach and check the chemistry

Before you start with the actual coaching, you usually have a chemistry or introduction meeting with your possible coach. This is where you can ask questions about her coaching style, and what the process will look like.

But most importantly it is the meeting where you get to assess if you two are a good fit for each other. It definitely goes both ways: If you cannot trust each other and do not feel comfortable together, the coaching relationship will most likely not work out either.

Your coach will ask you about your goals, why you are looking to get coaching and what your previous experience with coaching has been. It is necessary to understand how prepared you are for the experience.

Be as open as you can be because it will help your coach form a better picture of how she can help you. In the end, you can discuss pricing and other details. But your first goal should be to get to know each other, and agree if it makes sense to start with the coaching process.

Decide what you expect before the first coaching session

After meeting your coach candidate (or a few), you should have a clear idea of what is waiting for you if you decide to start with the coaching process. If you don’t, make sure you send your coach a message and ask for more details.

At this point, your coach has possibly presented you with the options (and even a coaching agreement) that you can consider and accept to start a coaching relationship with her. Maybe she recommends taking one session at a time, or commit to three to ten coaching sessions right away.

In my experience, it is worth committing to a and you will learn about your values, strengths, and weaknesses.

If you do not exactly know what you want but want to find your answers, an increased self-awareness will help you in decision-making. That is what coaching often starts with, and it gives you clarity for making better life and career decisions, that serve your authentic self.

Create new habits and choose a goal

During the process, you can learn to build new habits that help you work towards your chosen goal. Your coach will most likely help you to form a plan and determine the necessary steps that will help you achieve what you want.

Whichever offer or package you accept, you are in for a great ride, and the fun starts in the first coaching session. But I will discuss this later in more detail in Part 2 of this series.

I would love to hear your feedback and questions, your own experience with coaches and what you would like to share. I can be reached at eeppi@coachilla.co, or tweet to me at @EeppiNieminen.

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