How Our Career Coach Nina Gets Clients

As Career Coach and Business Coach with her own private practice, Nina Talermo is always on the look-out for new opportunities to get new clients offline and online.

Challenges for a Career Coach

Like so many other career coaches Nina has also had to face the challenge of setting up her online presence to attract more clients to her practice. While Nina already has her own website, being part of a platform that promotes & increases her credibility online and provides easy tools for client bookings, meetings and selling her packages seemed like an exciting idea.

Our career coach Nina Talermo

How Coachilla helped

Nina was introduced to Coachilla already in its alpha phase and was immediately intrigued. Nina had already worked with the Coachilla founders before the online platform existed and received a few manual introduction meetings with clients during the pilot phase.

When Coachilla launched its web platform Nina was the first coach to have her own profile on the Coachilla app. With the help of Coachilla team, she set up her profile, explaining her story, expertise, and training in a new attractive way. She connected her Stripe account and lastly created her coaching packages and introduction sessions for potential new clients.

After that Nina already got her first booked introduction meeting within a month from joining the platform.  Inspired by that client meeting Nina has been actively using Coachilla since then, keeping her availability and profile up-to-date.

Be clear on the story you want to tell your client

3 Tips to Learn from Nina

These are the 3 key things that Nina does well on Coachilla.

  1. She has a profile that tells her clients clearly what her story is and how she can help.
  2. Nina consistently keeps her availability up-to-date matching client needs.
  3. Offering coaching packages that fit her client's situation is key to making a sale.  


After doing the above three things consistently, Nina was matched to a client that purchased a 5 session coaching package from her without taking a free introduction session. Directly committing to the coaching process!

Key takeaway

Keeping your profile, availability, and packages up-to-date and adjusting them to your ideal client's situation regularly will increase views, bookings and eventually sales for your practice on Coachilla.

Thumbs up to Nina!

If you have your own story to share don't be shy. We love hearing how Coachilla has helped our coaches grow their practice. Send us a message on the app or email our Social Media Manager (this content was developed in part with Nina Talermo – Business & Career Coach, Nitoya).

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