How Life Coaching Helped Me

In the past couple of weeks we’ve matched our first users to coaches at Coachilla. Personally I can’t wait to hear the stories about their coaching experience and results they receive. Already we’ve seen that many of these users are seeking coaching for various reasons. A few want to clarify their purpose or why, some want to reach a goal they’ve set for themselves but need help to be kept accountable to that goal, while others seek more focus and productivity.

All of these issues are pretty much the perfect reason to find a coach, be it a life coach or a career coach. However they are definitely not the only reasons to seek out the help of a coach.

In Should You Hire A Life Coach, Ashley Stahl listed 6 good reasons to hire a coach.

  1. Your confidence is not where you want it to be.
  2. You lack a clear vision..Or your vision is so big you’re overwhelmed.
  3. Your patterns are not supporting your goals.
  4. You’re irritable
  5. You’re in a huge (life or career) transition
  6. You’re craving more purpose

These six reasons describe the situation I was in perfectly before hiring my life coach. I think I experienced all of these issues, so I probably was an awesome case study for my life coach. Let me tell you about my experience and how coaching helped me with these issues. Hopefully my story will help you find out if life coaching is right for you.

I Had No Clear Vision

When I went to my coach I was one of those people who felt there had to be something more to a career and/or life. I knew I couldn’t stand the corporate world and being employed for others started to feel unsuitable too. I had an idea that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and find out what my passion could be, which I could leverage for the long road ahead. However I had no idea how to do this myself. 

Fortunately my coach helped me find my vision for the world and make a plan to start moving towards that vision. Now I’ve founded my own company, have gone through an international accelerator program and built a team around my passion.

Finding My Passion & Purpose

Like I mentioned the one thing that bothered me most before going into a coaching relationship was not knowing what my passion was. I wanted to start as an entrepreneur in the next few years and understood that if I wanted to do that I had to know what drives me. 

No surprise, already in the first coaching session I discovered I was very unsatisfied with my contribution to the world and my life’s purpose. That’s why I chose it as the primary area of improvement for myself. Quite quickly my coach helped me find my values and what I’m passionate about. Knowing myself was key to start building my identity and mission as an entrepreneur.

My Patterns Were Not Aligned With My Goals

Now this was a huge realisation for me, once my coach had supported me in identifying what my passion was, and what would allow me to have more contribution to this world I had to take an honest look at my current patterns, that is habits or activities, which were not aligned with my goal of creating a company with a strong contribution built on my passion. 

Fortunately for me I didn’t have completely self-destructive habits, however after some introspection with the support of my coach I came to the conclusion that I had to relinquish some hobbies that were not aligned with my purpose and were eating my time for developing myself and my ideas. This small change of relinquishing old activities had a major impact, for example I was quickly able to build the first prototype for Coachilla with the time I prioritised for my newly found passion.

I AM Going Through A Life Transition

Maybe I didn’t realise it in the beginning but being employed at startups, living in two different cities and traveling the world on business had thrown me into a period of transition that is still on-going, especially now that I’m building my own company. 

Honestly a transition like this creates a lot of stress and it affects everyone around you. This situation is a totally different animal compared to the life I had gotten used to previously in life. My life coach has helped me navigate this time of transition through reflective conversations.

I Was Irritable From Time to Time

Going through transition will feel like you’re constantly reacting to things as you try to find your new stride, which results in a lot of stress, at least that’s how I’ve felt many times. However having a coach definitely helped me explore the causes for these emotions and find calm in the middle of the storm. Having that outside feedback really puts things into perspective and one learns to not worry too much and let go of the smaller things.

My Confidence Needed A Boost

While I did not feel like I had much issues with my confidence, I see now that I needed a boost to take the next serious steps towards my vision. In retrospect I would say many of the conversations that I had with my coach over my strengths, weaknesses and fears, in addition to the tasks I did related to them, often brought up memories of hardships from my past that still affect me to this day. 

It was probably one of the first time I really discussed these experiences from my past with anyone out loud. The conversations gave voice to suppressed feelings that I knew had built my strengths but also had contributed to some of my weaknesses and fears I still carry with me. 

Once one understands this connection between hardship, strengths and weakness, you realise how they’ve built you to the unique person you are and one’s confidence gets a huge boost.

So, if you are experiencing any of these six issues or feel like you’re in a similar situation like I have been, I would highly recommend taking at least an introductory session with a coach. While you can work through these issues alone too having a coach will seriously speed up your process of clarifying and achieving what you want in life or work.

I truly believe that there’s a huge potential in all of us and we all deserve a life where that potential is unleashed into the world because it will make you happier and the world a better place. So what are you waiting for?

I would love to hear your feedback and questions, feel free to share your own experience with coaching or anything else you'd like to say. I can be reached at eeppi(a), or tweet to me at @EeppiNieminen.

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