How Amy Used a Career Coach to Make a Big Decision

Amy Albrecht is an HR professional with a big goal: She wants to build a meaningful career where she can authentically express herself. Amy is always on the look out for new opportunities to improve herself and decided to try working with a career coach.

The Challenges for an Aspiring Professional

Like so many other professionals that are frustrated with their current career situation Amy felt like she was at crossroads. She knew she didn't enjoy her job but wasn't quite sure if it was due to the tasks or the working environment. She was unable to distinguish if these feelings were related to her assignment, her manager, the working atmosphere or even something else?

Amy felt like she had no clue where to start off to solve this mess of emotions and frustration. And to make matters worse, she didn't feel like she'd know what other jobs to apply for. As a matter of fact, she didn't really know what she'd like to do or what she'd be good at.

Amy felt frustrated cause she didn't even know where to go next.

Most of all Amy wanted to find the answer to the question "What will I become next?" and to make the following changes in her career:

  1. Find a clear goal for her career
  2. Find a new job
  3. Learn to enjoy her job and feel energised by the work and working environment

That's why Amy decided to search for career coaching through Coachilla.

How Coachilla helped

Amy was introduced to Coachilla already in its alpha phase and was extremely intrigued. She had also worked with the Coachilla team during the company's pilot phase before any web platform existed. Back then she had tried a few life coaching sessions with a life coach and had been very satisfied by the match that had been suggested to her.

A little while after Coachilla had launched their web platform to beta, Amy was one of the first clients to get matched to a coach. With the help of Coachilla's coach matching Amy was able to find a coach that fit her needs perfectly. The coach she got suggested was able to offer her a suitable coaching package and meetings at a time that worked for her schedule.

Amy was so excited about the coach match that she decided to purchase a 5 session coaching package straight away. What happened next astonished everyone: Amy, her coach and Coachilla's team.

Amy took a leap of faith to reach her meaningful career.

Her Career Coach helped Amy to make a big decision

After Amy's first coaching session with her career coach she decided to hand in her notice to her employer at that time. What helped her make this decision was the discussion she had had with her coach. She had listed the three key things she wanted from her job, and found out that her current job didn't match any of them. When she had this realization, she decided that she'd get the most out of her coaching journey if she achieved momentum towards something new.

The next day after Amy left her notice she found a job ad for her dream job. She felt it was proof that sometimes you just need a little support to take a leap of faith to reach your meaningful career.

4 Tips to Learn from Amy

These are the 3 key things that Amy did exactly right to get started with career coaching.

  1. Be clear about the #1 issue you need the most support with.
  2. Have an idea about the goals you want to reach.
  3. Choose a coach that feels right for you and whose expertise fits your #1 issue.
  4. Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith if you want to do something new like hiring a coach to support you in big career decisions. In the end, the best investment you can make is in yourself.

High-fives to Amy!

We are extremely proud of the courageous decision Amy made and we'll be following her coaching journey closely and keep you all updated :)

If you have your own story to share don't be shy. We love hearing how Coachilla has helped our clients achieve their meaningful career. Send us a message on the app or email our Social Media Manager (this content was developed in part with Amy Albrecht HR professional and a Coachilla client).

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