6 Life-Changing Strategies from Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer is affectionately called the “Father of Motivation” by his fans. The American self-help author and motivational speaker was internationally renowned for his over 30 books.

It took Dyer a long way to get there. He had to spend most of his childhood in orphanages and foster care, but he overcame these obstacles to make his dreams come true. We can learn a lot from his inspirational story and ideas.

We collected five life-changing strategies from him to achieve a more meaningful life.

1) Every person has the potential to live an extraordinary life

“True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” – Wayne Dyer

When Wayne Dyer was a child, his father walked out from the family, leaving his mother to raise the three children. That’s why Dyer spent much of his childhood in an orphanage or foster families. At 34 years old, Dyer went to the cemetery where his father was buried.

When he arrived at the grave, he felt lots of anger and resentment towards this man. He let it all out, cursing him and screaming at the grave. After he got back to his car, he recognized something. There was a calling inside of him, something that wanted him to go back.

Dyer listened to that inner voice and went back to the grave. Out of the depths of his heart, he told his dead father that he sends him love and kindness. That he didn’t have a right to judge his father or condemn him because he didn’t even know what he went through.

After this encounter, Dyer’s life made a tremendous shift. When he came back to New York, he checked into a motel. For 14 days he wrote and wrote until he finished his first book “Your Erroneous Zone.” It turned into one of the largest selling books in history, with an estimate of 35 million copies sold.

This was the day Dyer turned around his life. He stopped drinking, started to work out and met his soulmate.  

Dyer got one of his most important lessons from this story: We all hear this inner voice inside us, but most of the time we ignore it. We come up with endless reasons not to fulfill our destiny. But everything will shift if we are willing to listen to that inner voice.


2) Passion always trumps excuses

“Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn't matter what anyone else says.” – Wayne Dyer

You might feel like you have heard this inner voice before. But you have always been in the wrong circumstances to do what it told you to do. Maybe you felt like your finances are not secure enough or that you don’t feel healthy to start a new adventure. Dyer wants us to remember four words: “Passion always trumps excuses.”

By passion, he does not mean the romantic idea that we often connect with it. Instead, he sees a vigorous kind of enthusiasm that you feel deep inside of you and that you can’t explain or define. It is a force beyond your control.

Let that inner excitement of being on the right path guide you. Dyer believes that the mere presence of this passion and the enthusiasm that comes with it is all you need to fulfill your dreams.

3) Find your purpose in connection to others

“If you want to feel connected to your own purpose, know this for certain: Your purpose will only be found in service to others, and in being connected to the something far greater than your mind/body/ego.” – Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer is a profoundly kind person. He believes that your purpose can solely be found in service to others if you want to feel connected to your own purpose. This way, your self will be connected to something far more significant than your ego.

Learn to be detached from the outcome of what you do. Regardless of how much abundance flows back to you, embrace being kind as a purpose and you will feel most on purpose.

4) Have a mind that is open to anything and attached to nothing

“No one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything.” – Wayne Dyer

A lot of people spend their lives looking for occasions to be offended. All around us we can find reasons such as “The cashier was not nice enough” or “The weather is bad today.” There is no shortage of reasons, every day you can find hundreds of them.

But if you open your mind, you will not look for the things that offend you. Instead, you will open yourself up to new opportunities.

We should not close our minds to what is possible for us because it shuts off the genius that resides in every one of us. If you open yourself up to the potential that anything is possible, you will find yourself having the ability to get rid of that constant nagging voice in your head.

Instead, you can embrace life with a sense of wonder and bewilderment. You can go through your life being continuously grateful and appreciative. If you want to find out how this can look like, listen to the “butterfly story” of Wayne Dyer.


5) Act “as if” you were already there

“Be what it is that you are seeking.“ – Wayne Dyer

Do you have an idea of what you want to be? More mindful? Sportier? Or more balanced? Imagine that you were already there. Imagine you had already become that person that you want to be.

Dyer calls this acting “as if.” Whatever your goal is, act as if you already were that person. What would a more mindful version of you do right now to relieve tension? Perhaps meditate or take a deep breath in and out to gain perspective.

Act like that more mindful person now. Act as if. From moment to moment you will stop acting and turn into that version of yourself.

6) You are not what you accomplish

“Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself.” – Wayne Dyer

When we send our children to school, they get taught that their identity is connected to what they accomplish. Your grades define what kind of person you are.

Wayne Dyer wants to remind us that you are not what you accomplish. Your grades are not more important than what you study. You won’t become successful or fulfilled based on what you achieve.

You are already worth everything because you are a beautiful part of the universe. Remind yourself of that every day.

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