How Life Coaching Can Help You

Here at Coachilla we’ve often faced a situation during discussions with friends and partners, where people tell us they actually have no idea what personal coaching really is and how it can help them. Having experienced coaching myself I feel it’s our responsibility to raise awareness around its benefits and the coaching profession in general.

That’s why in this post I decided to offer some clarification on life coaching and how it can help you. I’ll first talk about what coaching is.

What is life coaching?

Briefly put coaches can be your partners in a thought-provoking, creative and inspiring process where you discover your personal strengths, clarify your work and/or life goals, and help you generate a plan to move towards those goals. They also hold you accountable for your actions and ask you the tough questions no one else will. If you’d like to read one of the best full descriptions about personal coaching check out the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) website.

The main benefit of coaching is that it allows you to tap into your whole potential, which usually may fall victim to lack of self discipline and limiting thinking patterns we all have. If this sounds like something you’d like to try straight away, book a free session on our website.

Below I explain more about the specific benefits of coaching.

1. Access different ways of thinking and make changes you want

I think that Sophia Fromell put it very well in this article, where she quoted Albert Einstein, who said “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Coaching can help us access different ways of thinking in situations when you want to make significant changes in your life. Coaches do this by identifying and pointing out to us when we might be lying to ourselves or falling prey to bias and limiting thinking patterns, which hold us back. A good personal coach can help us recognise these moments and push us through them and get us to our goals quicker and more efficiently. Whether you’re trying to reach a career goal or solve a life challenge you’re facing, a fresh perspective from outside can help a lot.

Based on my own experience this is the core benefit provided by coaching, which can lead to serious breakthroughs. In my case I found out that many of my daily activities were actually time sinks that were not aligned with my values and were not taking me towards what I wanted to achieve. Sometimes we just aren’t able to recognise the things that hold us back ourselves. I’ll talk about this in detail on a later post.

While changing your thinking is the main benefit there are also additional benefits to coaching. Let’s look at a few studies conducted about coaching.

2. Improved relationships, self-confidence & work-life balance

According to studies by the Manchester Consulting Group and the ICF, coaching also resulted in 73–77 % improvement in the quality of relationships. Also 80 % of people experienced improved self-confidence and 67 % found that their work-life balance was better than before.

Comparing these results to my personal coaching I would say that I recognize an improvement in all of these areas and I think it has a lot to do with my enhanced self-confidence and self-awareness that coaching provided me with. Being clear about my own strengths and values certainly helps in prioritising my relationships, work and daily life.

Which leads us to our next point; coaching can also help with your productivity and help you get things off the to-do pile, and into the ‘done’ pile.

3. Improved productivity

The same studies by ICF also point out that many individuals who’ve been using coaching experienced that their work performance improved and that their time management was also working better than before. Often coaches help us clarify our priorities and assist in drafting a plan that focuses our efforts on the things that truly matter, which obviously boosts our productivity and time management.

This is exactly what I did with my coach after I had clarified my values and strengths. We created a roadmap for the things I wanted to achieve in a year and I started working towards the goals on the roadmap everyday.

The three things above are in my opinion the most important ways how coaching can help you tackle life and work goals or challenges. But before you make up your mind, there’s one last thing I’d like you to consider about coaching.

Coaching makes all the difference

Have you ever heard of a top athlete without a top coach? I think the same is true for life and work in general. Often behind a big success there’s actually a coach (or in some cases a mentor) who has helped the top business man/woman, top entrepreneur, top model, top singer, whoever to reach the pinnacle of their potential. As Sophia Fromell points out in her article Bill Gates has said “Everyone needs a coach. We all need feedback. That’s how we improve.” And in another article John Brubaker tells us what Eric Schmidt the Alphabet Executive said in an interview when asked what was the best advice he ever got? You guessed it: “find a coach”. Watch both quotes on video here.

If you’d like to find a life coach for yourself, click here to try out a free introduction session.

I’d be happy to hear your questions and comments, to discuss leave a response below. Or email me here. I’m always up for a chat.

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