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5 Self-Care Tips for a Better Life

Sometimes you need a reminder in life that you are already worthy of love. Even without losing five pounds or gaining that promotion. Learn five self-care tips to tune into your true lovable self.

5 Tips to Improve Your Career

We can easily feel stuck in our career. Holistic coach Dez Stephens collected five tips on how you can get to the next level in your career goals.

How to be Successful in Your Career

Success means something different for each person. You must define success on your terms to understand how to move your life forward. Learn three tips on how to be successful by finding your career path.

5 Powerful Body Language Tips for Career Success

How we stand, look or hold our hands - all of it portrays our confidence. Body Language is a key element in becoming successful. Learn five hands-on tips to convey competence through your body language.

How Our Career Coach Nina Gets Clients

Learn how three key changes helped career coach Nina Talermo to attract more bookings and clients on Coachilla.

How Amy Used a Career Coach to Make a Big Decision

Learn the three key things that helped Amy to start the work with her career coach and to make a big career decision. Find out which leap of faith she took after only one session.

How to Practice Self-Compassion

Do you sometimes find yourself being more understanding with your co-workers than with yourself? It is hard to treat yourself with compassion instead of criticism. Our business coach Jennifer Jimbere explains five steps to practice self-compassion. Reach your place of calm, acceptance and happiness.

How to Become a Great Leader: Building an Abundance Mindset

If you want to be great leader, building an abundance mindset can help you. Going from scarcity to abundance in your mind also shifts your perspective on work and life. There is more than enough success for everyone.

6 Tips to Become More Mindful

It can be hard to practice mindfulness and take time out of your day to be in the moment. Our success coach Jennifer Jimbere gives six tips on how to become more mindful. Learn how to include meditation into your daily life.

Why Life Coaching is Becoming So Popular

Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry and the market is just growing. Learn from our Life Coach Dez Stephens about the three factors that make coaching so popular and why celebrities love to work with a coach.

How to Increase Meaning in Your Life

What are you looking for in life: instant happiness or meaning? Research shows that it makes a difference in our overall life satisfaction if we choose meaningful projects over self-indulgent activities. Our certified coach Jennifer Jimbere explains how you can increase meaning in your life.

How Coaching Can Change a Life

Jennifer's coaching client was left one week before his wedding. She decided to step up from solely being a business coach and send him on a mission to overcome his fear of rejection. What happened next, she could not have foreseen.

6 Differences Between Coaching and Therapy

Do you want to work with a life coach or a therapist? Our life coach Dez Stephens explains six key differences between the two approaches and helps you decide what might be right for you. Find out who looks at the future, sets measurable goals and sees you as the expert of your life.

7 Expert Tips for a Career Change

Are you considering to start a new career? Career coach Katariina Jalas has seven tips on how to make it happen. Learn how you can overcome your fears, explore new possibilities and network efficiently. Time to turn your dreams into reality.

What is a Life Coach?

You want to change your life but don't know where to start? A life coach can be a great person to work with to achieve your dreams. They will stop you from being blocked or resistant to change and can support you in becoming your best self.

We are hiring a Full Stack Developer looking for meaningful work!

As a Full Stack Developer you will join our team and be responsible for our product development together with our Lead Developer. Collaborating with our Lead Developer you’ll work on coding features according to our product roadmap.

How to Find Your True Self with the Johari Window

Do you know who you are? Often we find it hard to grasp our personality. The Johari Window helps you understand your character better. Find your true self to become the best version of yourself.

7 Things You Can Give Up To Be Successful

Learn to be successful from a business coach. Our guest blogger Jennifer Jimbere tells you what you can let go off to reach your goals. Find out how to work smarter, be more efficient and how to follow your dreams.

How To Find Your Core Values

Every day we make decisions. But how do we decide? Which values do we take into consideration? Find out how to make clearer and straighter decisions by discovering your core values. Use them to find your right career, your partner for life or your new hobby.

The Most Important 5 Minutes of Your Life – The Wheel of Life

Five minutes can change your outlook on life. The Wheel of Life is a simple coaching exercise that gives you a fast analysis on what you need to work on. Discover how to set goals and how to bring harmony back into your life.

How to Build Self-Confidence

Do you need a confidence booster? Learn how to gain confidence with these seven tips. Destroy your inner critic, accept yourself and stop comparing.

5 Apps For a Balanced Life

Do you believe a robot can help you with your mental health? Then you should try Woebot, the therapy bot developed by Stanford researchers. Find out all about it and four other awesome apps that make your life more balanced.

The Hedgehog Concept – How to Find Your Dream Job

Jim Collins inspired businesses around the world with his Hedgehog Concept. You can use it to discover your dream job and find out how you can be successful at it. All through the power of the hedgehog.

The New Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow influenced how we understand motivation for decades with his hierarchy of needs. But there is an adjustment of his theory you might not have heard about. This new hierarchy of needs might be the solution to the most significant issues humanity faces.

Why We Struggle With Gratitude

The holidays are coming up and we feel a need to be grateful. But thankfulness is not a chore you have to fulfill. It is a new perspective that can lead you to a happier life. Embrace the beauty that life gives you and check out our tips on becoming more grateful.

Four Ancient Pillars of Happiness

What we can learn from the ancient greek philosophers to become happier. Learn about four different concepts that can make you achieve a more meaningful life.

Daring to Dream Again - How Life Coaching Guided me onto my Path

Stephanie needed things to change. Drastically. Her life did not feel right anymore, when she decided to get help from a coach. Find out the story of how she learned to dream again and turned her life around.

6 Life-Changing Strategies from Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer is known as "The Father of Motivation". He wrote over thirty books on self-improvement, including "Your Erroneous Zone" that got sold more than 35 million times. His story and his ideas still inspire millions of people today. Find out his strategies to change your life.

Tony Robbins' four tips for a meaningful life

Life coach Tony Robbins has inspired millions of people with his ideas for a happier and more successful life. Discover some of his best tips.

7 Success Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential women in the world. She inspired millions of viewers with her talk show. Find out her secrets for success in our blog post.

What happens in a coaching relationship? - Part 1

What is it like to have a coach? Our founder Eeppi put together his own experience of working with a coach.

The Power of Questions

Questions are the new answers. The right question can lead you to innovation, happiness and a more mindful life. Find out how you can use them for your personal path.

Ikigai - The Reason Why You Get Up In The Morning

What is your reason to get up in the morning? Discover the Japanese secret for a happy life - the concept of ikigai.

Are You a Hardaholic?

Do you sometimes feel that your life and days are hard? Maybe you make it more complicated than it needs to be. Let's stop being hardaholics.

Achieve Your Flow State

Find out how you can achieve your flow state. Instead of draining your energy, you will get more out of your day and feel in sync with your work.

Coachilla is launching soon!

We are currently setting up our app. But you can already sign up. Join Coachilla now and earn free coaching!

What is Life Coaching? My Experience

What is Life Coaching and why would I work with a life coach? Our co-founder shares his experience on how much an average coaching session costs, why you will get to results faster through coaching and why those results are more likely to last.

A Conversation with Jenni Glad

Jenni Glad is a Life & Mindfulness Coach, Writer and a Yoga Teacher based in New York. She explains why she would want to coach Michelle Obama, why she asks for homework from her coachees and how you can spot a good coach.

6 Basic Needs We Have  -  And How Coaching Can Improve Them

Tony Robbins describes six basic human needs we all have. Coaching can help you improve your live in all of these basic needs. Find out how.

A Conversation with Dr. Rakish Rana, The Clear Coach

We talked with Dr. Rakish Rana, from The Clear Coach. He specialises in working with highly successful and determined people, who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives, to help them find happiness and purpose.

9 Tips To Find The Right Coach

We collected some of the best advice on selecting your own coach. Learn nine tips to find the right coach for your needs.

How Life Coaching Helped Me

Our founder Eeppi Nieminen tried out coaching himself and it changed his life. He developed a clear vision for the future, boosted his confidence and discovered his purpose.

A Conversation With Sophia Fromell

Our interview with the talented Sophia Fromell, the founder of Ithaca Life. Sophia has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their true goals and wants to spread awareness about coaching.

Why We're Building a Platform For Coaching

Our founder Eeppi Nieminen explains why he founded Coachilla, how he started his entrepreneur story and how his life changed through the startup. His own coach Suri taught him to prioritize what is most important in his life and his career.

How Life Coaching Can Help You

Find out what life coaching is in a nutshell and the 3 major benefits it can provide you with. You can access different ways of thinking, improve your self-confidence, relationships, work-life balance and productivity.

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